LED Light Bar - Australian Tested - North American Ready

5 Year Guarantee


LED Light Bar is the USA supplier of Earthtrack industrial LED lights built tough and made to last even under the harshest conditions. This product line was built for and exceded in the harsh Australian Outback and the Australian Mining sector.

In the mining sector, the standards are extremely high for efficiency and safety. Earthtrack LED Lights are the premiere lights in this sector. We have crossed over into the off road recreational world. We thought if it can meet and exceed the mining standards, why wouldn't it exceed our customer expectations for off road adventures?

In the last 18 months we've brought this high quality product to North America. We're excited to offer you one of the toughest most highest performing LED Lights in the world! 

Experience the difference that tried and tested quality makes. 

"If these lights are designed first for the tough environment of the Australian Mining sector, what does that mean for your off road adventures?" It means you've picked the right light. It is built to be tough. 

For more details on our warranty program, please contact us at refund@ledlightbar.com.